Resolve Duplicate Report

When do we use this?

When entering a vehicle into OPS-COM, there are three identifiers that must be entered to create a unique vehicle.

The three Unique Identifiers are:

  • Plate Number
  • State/Province
  • Plate Type

An example of plate type could be Passenger, Commercial, Vanity, Motorcycle, Agricultural etc. In some States and Provinces, a plate number could be associated with multiple plate types simultaneously. These vehicles may be owned by different owners. This could result in a ticket being associated with the wrong vehicle, therefore, Plate Type is the latest Unique Identifier and is now a mandatory field when entering a vehicle. 

Some clients have run into situations that have resulted in duplicate vehicles being created in the system. If for example, a vehicle with the plate number ABC123 is already in the system with an unspecified plate type, it is possible to add the same vehicle with plate number ABC123 to the system with, for example a passenger plate type. This will result in a duplicate vehicle in the system.

  1. To address this issue, go into Admin Options, hover over Resolve Duplicates, then click By Vehicle.

2. You will be presented with two choices: 'Strict Duplicate' or 'Include Different Plate Types'.

  • 'Strict Duplicate' will generate a list of vehicles where all three unique identifiers are identical (Plate, State/Province, Plate Type)
  • 'Include Different Plate Types' will generate a list of vehicles where Plate and State might be identical but the Plate Type differs. This list will allow you to see what vehicles may be duplicated in error.

The easiest way to recognize the duplicates in question is to compare the vehicle description.

If, for example a vehicle, is a beige BMW sports car with the plate ABC123, province is Ontario, and the Plate Type is unspecified but there is another vehicle that is a beige BMW sports car with the plate ABC123, province is Ontario and the Plate Type is Passenger it is likely a duplicate and the two vehicles could be merged.

See Below:

3. By clicking on the provided Merge button you will be taken to the merge function window where you can merge the two vehicles together.

For more information on Vehicle Merging please see our product Wiki: