Purging Incidents from OPS-COM

When do we use this?

Purging data from OPS-COM can be an important part of a data management strategy. Typically Parking and Violation data older than 7 years can be purged using the "Purge Old Data" tool. IncidentAdmin data could not be purged until the "Purge Incidents Tool" was created. The details of this tool are listed below:

  • There is a "No deletion for files under 7 years" rule that will prevent deletion of a record that has had any activity in the last 7 years. Once an incident has an update the 7-year timer will be reset.
  • This tool will allow Admins with the Delete Incidents permission to purge qualified incident records and reports at their discretion.
  • This would purge the reports and the details associated with a particular incident only. Any attachments, tasks or checklists would also be purged. All history for this incident would be purged. User profile or vehicle data will not be affected.
  • Due to the finality of the deletion, there is a specific and noticeable "Confirm on Delete" secondary prompt.
  • There is a report that can be used to allow qualified Admins to search for Incidents to purge.
  1.  You must add the "Delete Incidents" permission to the Admins you want to give this ability to. For information about changing Roles and Permissions refer to this wiki article
  2. There are two ways to purge selected Incidents: either by searching for a particular incident and clicking the "Delete Incident" button or by using the "Purge Incidents" tool.

Using the Delete Incident Button

  1. Search for the incident you wish to purge.  You can see the "Delete Incident" button is available with the incident if it is older than 7 years.

  2. You can see that the "Delete Not Available" button is greyed out when the incident is less than 7 years old.

Follow the prompts to delete the incident.

Using the Purge Incidents Tool

  1. Click Admin Options, Purge Incidents.

  2. The 'Search for Incidents to Purge' screen displays. Enter your criteria. Note, only the oldest 300 records will be displayed.
    Note that the Number of Instances is greater than or equal to the search field. Therefore supplying 1 here could still display incident instances greater than 1. 

  3. Enable the "Delete" checkbox next to the incident you wish to purge. 

  4. Click the 'Purge Records' button. A confirmation prompt will display. Click the 'Delete' button.

  5. The incident will be purged. Note, this is not reversible. Use Caution when deleting records.