Vehicle Colours

When do we use this?

Admin Options is used to populate your picklists for various areas in OPS-COM. This article will show you how to setup and manage your picklists for Vehicle Colours.  

Managing the Vehicle Colour Picklist

Hover over Admin Options and click Vehicles followed by Vehicle Colors. 

The Manage Vehicle Colours page will display.

Adding Vehicle Colours

To add a new colour, click the Add Colour button.  The Manage Vehicle Colours modal will be displayed. Enter the colour name and click Save Changes when you are finished. 

Editing Vehicle Colours

To edit a colour name, click the Edit button and follow the prompts.

Click Save Changes to make the changes, if there are any errors while editing the vehicle colour name they will be displayed before allowing you to save. 

Deleting Vehicle Colours

To delete a colour name, click the Delete button and follow the prompts. 


If the vehicle colour is currently being used in the system it cannot be deleted by admins. You first need to go into each vehicle record associated to this colour and change their colour type. 

The Delete Vehicle Colour modal window will appear asking you if you are sure you would like to delete this colour from the list. 

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