Dispatch Categories

When do we use this?

Categories are used to define what incident/information has been reported to dispatch.

Example: If a student makes a phone call to report an incident where they feel harassed by another student, that information would fall under the category of harassment.

Navigating to Dispatch Categories

To get to this page, click on Admin Options, hover over Dispatch, then click Categories.

You will be redirected to the Dispatch Categories Administration page. It will display a list of all categories currently in your system. From this page, you may add/edit/remove a Category

Managing Dispatch Categories

Adding Categories

To add a new dispatch category click on Add Dispatch Category. A new modal window will appear allowing you to type your category name. Click Save Changes when you are finished. 

Edit Categories

To edit dispatch categories click the Edit button next to the category name. This will bring up a modal window similar to the one seen when adding categories. Click Save Changes when you are finished editing the category. 

Editing dispatch categories that are being used will update them across the entire system. 

Delete Categories

To delete a dispatch category simply click the Delete button next to the category name. Keep in mind you will not be able to delete categories that are being used.