Lot Zones

Use these instructions to manage Lot Zones via Admin Options. Lot Zones are used in Parking Management in OPS-COM to define areas within a larger lot. These zones are also used in relation to the Parking Validator as well as in patrolling using LPR technology. Generally use is tied directly to enforcement and the handhelds.

Managing your Lot Zones

Click Admin OptionsParking and Manage Lot Zones.

The Manage Lot Zones page will display and you can choose to Add or Edit a Lot Zone.

To Add a new Lot Zone, click the Add Lot Zone buttonEnter the name of your new Parking Zone. When finished, click Save Changes.

To Edit a Lot Zone, click Edit next to the Lot Zone that you want to edit. Enter the changes that are being made, then click Save Changes.

Only Zones with no records can be deleted, to delete a Zone, click Delete. Then on the confirmation window, select Delete.

Note: "Deleting" or "Archiving" is not an action that can be undone.