Displaying Towing Charges on a Violation

When do we use this?

Depending on your policy, some institutions tow vehicles and some do not. If you do charge a fee for towing, this can be shown on the violation you give to the parker. Even though a towing cost may not apply in all cases, some organizations have it display a $0.00 value just as a reminder that a vehicle could possibly be towed.  This is a setting that can be enabled on the handheld unit. This article will walk through the process of enabling Tow Charges to print on a Violation.

  1. To enable this setting, go to System Settings on the handheld units. By default, the setting is disabled. This means that no Towing charges would print.

This is an example of the Violation with no Towing Charge:

2. Enable the Show $0.00 Towing Charge checkbox and the $0.00 cost will appear on the ticket.

This is an example of the Violation with a $0.00 Towing Charge:

Please Note:

It is important to note that if a towing charge was actually applied to the violation, in all cases, the towing charge would appear regardless of this setting.