Non Returning Users Report

When do we use this?

At the end of a semester, students are required to re-rent a locker. This report helps find students who continue to use their locker without paying for it. This report will show students that rented lockers in the previous semester but did not rent a locker in the current semester. That list can be used to vet whether or not they are still using their locker or no longer attending the school.

Accessing the Report

To access the Non-Returning Users Report, hover over the Lockers Management icon, and click Non-Returning Users Report.

Click on Yearly drop down menu under Old Semesters, or whichever type your past sales window was, and chose the Old Sales Window
Click on Yearly drop down menu under Current Semesters, or whichever type your current sales window is, and chose the Current Sales Window.

Click on Search. A table appears below with users that are not returning.

Click on Export to download a spreadsheet file containing information from the table.