Locker Search

The Locker Search option allows administrators to search locker(s) to be able to view/edit details.

Locker Search

Hover over the Lockers icon and click 'Search'.

The Locker Search page will display. Enter the search criteria to get a report and click the 'Retrieve' button.

The search criteria displays below.

The Generate Mailing List (from listed data) button, creates an Excel report with locker numbers and user mailing details. 


The gold H link (pictured above) displays the 'Locker History' screen that shows the entire locker history and links to the locker details and transaction history for that specific locker. If the locker has been rented by more than one user, you will see it listed here.

The User Visible column indicates whether or not that locker is visible on the user side. If administrators want to make all lockers in the list visible to users, they can click the 'Mark All Available' button. Alternatively, Admins can use the 'Mark All Not Available' button to make all lockers in the list invisible to users. Click 'Update Records' to save the changes.

The Rented, Release, and Switch links allow Admins to see details about the user who has reserved/rented the locker with a link to view/edit their profile and a link to email the specific user. Reserved means that the permit has been requested but there is no payment made or promise to pay on file. The Release link allows Administrators to disassociate a locker from a user and resell it.

  • Note: Releasing a locker does not affect the payment transaction. If money needs to be credited back to the user, administrators will need to do a financial adjustment as well. 

The Switch link allows administrators to change the locker number associated with a user, and vice versa.

The Locker # link displays the 'Current Locker Information' pop-up window. The condition and reusability of the locker can be updated here and comments can be added. Click the 'Update' button to save changes. Information about the current renter of the locker is available here as well.