Allocate Lockers

When do we use this?

This feature allows Administrators to input all locker related information, including Buildings, Building Areas and Location, Locker Numbers, Allocation (i.e. Yearly, Monthly), as well as Cost.
Administrator can use this menu option at any time to update locker information.

Hover over the Lockers Management icon and select  Allocate.

The Manage Locker Numbers page is displayed. When doing your initial configuration, you must start by adding Buildings to this list.

Adding Buildings

Click on Add Building to begin the process.

The Building Information screen will appear. Enter the Building Name and provide any Location information. Click Save Changes to continue.

Adding Building Areas

Once the Building is added to your list you may then add a Building Area. Click on Add Area to continue.

Complete the form

Enter an Area Name, a Description and then select the Locker User Types you wish to allow permission to rent lockers in this building area.
For more on Locker User Types please see this wiki article.

Select the Sales Window type for this particular Buidling Area. You may choose Yearly, Monthly, Semester or Other.
For more on Locker Sales Windows please see this wiki article.

Click on Save Changes to continue.

Adding Lockers to a Building Area

You may now begin to add lockers to the newly created Building Area. Click on the + symbol to access the Add Locker To Area screen.

The Add Lockers To Area screen opens.

There are multiple options in this tool:
You may select Specific Lockers where you can add a single locker number in alphanumeric format or multiple locker numbers separated by a line return.
You may also add lockers by Locker Range which will allow you to add a numerical sequence (Start and End) along with an optional Prefix or Postfix.
NOTE: You may also use a combination of these two methods. In our example we are creating LL001, LL002 and LL006 via the Specific Locker method and simultaneously creating a Locker Range of LL007 through to LL010.
ALSO NOTE: You may opt to create lockers in an area and temporarily have them not visible to the renter. This would allow an admin to prep an area and put the lockers up for rent at a later date, To do so deselect the Visible button. 
Click Add Lockers to continue.

A confirmation screen will appear.
Note that in our scenario, all the lockers we created either through Specific Locker or Locker Range methods are now being created in this Building Area.
Click Add Lockers to continue.

You will be taken back to the Manage Locker Numbers screen. To view the entire list of lockers for the new area we have added Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon.

The Locker Search screen appears listing the 7 lockers we added to this Building Area.
Note: From this screen you may also toggle visibility of any or all of these lockers.

Removing Lockers from Building Areas

It may be neccesary to remove lockers from a Building Area. They can be either toggled off for visibility or they may also be archived.
To archive a locker Click on the Trash Bin Icon.

There are two choices here. Archive All Lockers or archive Selected Lockers.
"All Lockers" will simply archive all lockers in the Building Area.

In this scenario we are choosing to archive selected lockers. Click on Selected Lockers to continue.
In this example we select lockers LL001 and LL002 to archive. Click on the Archive button to continue.

A confirmation message will appear.

Restoring Archived Lockers

It is also possible to restore lockers that have been archived. To do so use the add locker feature by clicking on the + symbol.
In this case we are going to restore lockers LL001 and LL002 into this Lower Level 1 Building Area.

A confirmation screen will appear, Note that the lockers are showing "restored" rather than created.