Manual Update or Installation

This article contains the steps to update or reinstall the OPS-COM software for Android. The method is very similar to a first time install with some subtle differences and some precautions that should be observed before installing.

Open Google Play

On the device Apps screen, locate the Google Play Store app.

Search for OpeartionsCommander for Android

Tap to open the app and search for operationscommander or opscom  

Tap the icon to start the install / update process.

Options Install and Update

If you see a button labelled Install you are doing a fresh install or re-install.

  • shortcut will be created
  • database will be created

If you see a button labelled Update you are doing an in place update of the software.

  • database will not be created and existing data should not be disrupted
In most cases, an update will not disrupt your existing data but it is always wise to do a full data sync before proceeding with any kind of update.

Select the button to proceed. 

Application and Device Permissions

At the install/update stage, permissions relate to the access granted by the operating system to the application.

This settings window will pop up to allow access to integrated apps on the handheld device.

Tap Accept

In newer tablets, permissions will be displayed during initial startup of the application.

It is important to grant access for the software to work correctly.

Open or Start the Application

A pop-up will appear when the shortcut is created.

To launch the application, use the Open button, or go to the device's main screen and start the app from the shortcut.


To use this software, your user profile must have the OPS-COM "Wireless handheld" permission.

If your account login does not work, please contact the OPS-COM high-level administrator for your organization.

This is accessed through, System Config > Manage Roles
Select one the Administrator Roles you wish to add this ability to. Logically it would be something like Patrol Officer.
Click on Permissions beside the specific role you wish to edit.
Go into the Violations tab.
Select Display as Ticket Writer.