Google Account

Our handheld software runs on Android as such it is necessary to use a Google account to access the play store.  We can create a Google account for you or you can use your own.   We recommend a general account be created specifically for the sole purpose of using the handheld device.


Clearing Google Play Cache

Google Play will cache application details for hours to even a day or more. 

Clearing the cache ensures that the most recent version that is available is accessible.

Other troubleshooting options related to not seeing an app on the Play Store:

The below video demonstrates clearing everything from memory and then accessing the Google Play properties to "Clear cache"

OPS-COM Beta Program

We recommend that only one device be used for the Beta program as these releases may be unstable.

Our BETA program is open, which allows users to self-manage (add or remove) themselves from the beta testing group at any time.

At times, new beta (non-production) releases may be offered that address client reported issues or new functionality.  Clients may test the beta versions to ensure issues are resolved and that normal functionality is not disrupted. If you are a beta tester you will have access to these updated versions. 

At any time you can remove yourself from the beta program to not receive these updates.

The handheld operates under a specific profile and that profile should be the one that is added to the Beta program.

If you are not sure what account you are using, you can review the linked accounts under settings within Android.

Alternately, just follow the above link to use whatever profile you are currently logged into.

Joining or Leaving the Beta Program

Simply follow the link listed above (on Android) and scroll down to determine your status. 

Notice that you can select either to "Join" or "Leave" under the Joining Beta.. header.


Step-by-step guide

This guide outlines how to add an OPS-COM (ParkAdmin) Google account to an Android enabled device.

Depending on your Android version the steps may be slightly different, however mostly similar.

You will require a GMail email account and password to access the Google Play Store

  1. Navigate to the settings of your device area
  2. Under accounts select add account.

    If you already see Google in the accounts area you can also remove existing Google accounts from the device by clicking Google.
  3. Under the add accounts list select Google
  4. Enter your GMail email address and follow the prompts