Working in Low and Bright Light

Lighting can have an effect on reading text and viewing images.  Handhelds can be configured to handle both low and bright lighting conditions.

Control Screen Brightness

Patrol Officers often find that in low light situations the Android screen can be a little bright to work comfortably with.

To adjust the screen brightness swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the following settings screen.

You can either adjust the screen brightness manually with the slider or you can set the device to auto adjust if that feature is available.

Auto brightness will adjust the screen brightness based on available ambient light. (darker for low light and brighter for daylight or a lit room.

Taking Photos at Night

Some tips on taking photos at night (working with the flash)

  • In your camera settings set metering to matrix rather than centered reading, flash always on, low light detection on.
  • Some units do have a brightness override that will work very well and should help getting better images.

Example Options