Using Your Own Domain - Vanity URL

OPS-COM supports the use of vanity URLs to keep your branding consistent for all your clients. This is a simple process. Not all service levels include this option and there could be fees associated with the setup.

Please contact your Sales Representative for more information at

Purchase Your Domain

We can work with any legal and registered domain that you own or have control over. |
Most clients will already have a domain they wish to use.  Setup is quite simple and involves pointing a subdomain at our server.
The resulting subdomain URL will be the final URL you will give to your clients.

Domains and subdomains cannot have spaces, are limited in size and are case-insensitive.

Example of a registered domain:
Example of an OPS-COM service subdomain:

* subdomain can be any combination of A-Z, 0-9, and hyphen
* domains and subdomains are not case-sensitive

Sample DNS Setup



DNS Entry



@ CNAME <client>

point entire domain to client OPS-COM installation


parking CNAME <client>

point subdomain to OPS-COM installation

Resulting URLs

Option #1 - Domain

- point entire domain to OPS-COM

It would look like this for the user portal -
And the admin portal would be -

Option #2 - Subdomain

- point subdomain to OPS-COM

It would look like this for the user portal -
And the admin portal would be -

How Does it Work

We supply details to you so that you can add a CNAME record to your DNS.
Once DNS is updated and a secure certificate is installed the domain will be active on our servers.

Certificate Registration

We use Let's Encrypt for SSL communication.
Once your subdomain is pointed at our servers, the certificate can be requested.

Contact Support

Email to let us know what you would like to use as your registered subdomain. 

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