PL8RDR Signal Strength

LTE/3G signal strength can be determined on by selecting the Status button on the LPR Scanning panel within the OPS-COM Android application.

See: LPR Scanning 

Signal Strength

There are two types of signal strength that can come into play. You may be using WIFI or you may be using LTE (cellular commnunication).

If you are a WIFI user you can test signal strenth with multiple applications that are typicall a free download.
For an example of a process thsat will test WIFI strength please see this article.

If you are a LTE user you can see the signal strength by looking at the device's status from the LPR Scanning screen.
By tapping on Status at the top right of the screen you will be presented with a list of items and their connection status. 
Signal Strength will appear at the bottom of tgis list.

The closer to zero the better.






Minimum for best connectivity


Noisy connection; not stable


our office window (usable)


LTE tablet outside (usable)
Phone in basement




failure to get signal