Editing the Landing Page Messages

There is a Landing Page that Admins will see upon login. This page can be edited to suit your specific needs. Many clients place scheduling and other important internal information on this landing page.

What is the Landing Page?

When you sign in to OPS-COM initially, you are presented with a landing page. This message is referred to as the Admin Dashboard. This landing page can be modified or edited to allow organizations to display important information to System Administrators and staff.

Communication Items

Some items to add to this page:

  • Pricing Information
  • Contact Information
  • Scheduling Information
  • Organizational Information
  • Legal Notices
  • General Information

Editing the Landing Page

This is typically the default look of the Admin Dashboard message. It appears as the primary landing page after a new installation. Your support information is maintained by the OPS-COM team. You can change any text in the Admin Dashboard box.  

To edit this message, hover over System Config and click System Messaging

The Manage System Messaging window opens. Click the Messages tab.

The items you are allowed to edit are governed by what permission level you have. Some of the items can only be edited by the OPS-COM Support team. In this case, we wish to edit the Admin Dashboard message. Click the Edit button.

The screen will refresh to display the Message Editor. You can edit the text using the WYSIWYG editor by clicking on the content to open the editor.  If you prefer to work in HTML, you can select Source Code from the Tools menu item.

Once you have finished editing the page, click the Save Messaging button to confirm the changes.  A pop up message will confirm that your changes have been saved.