Banner - Appeal sent/exported to Banner violations

This page describes how to appeal a violation that has already been flagged as sent to Banner. This process is specific to clients who are using payment data export to Banner via SFTP, as detailed in this article.

If a violation has been flagged as sent to banner it will appear as so on the admin interface when viewing/editing the ticket:

This “Exported to Banner” flag works similar to a payment, in that it doesn’t allow Banner user types to pay for violations once exported to Banner.

Depending on your configuration settings after a few days or immediately the violation will also be marked with a “system processed” payment, which is more so to cleanup violations from OPS-COM so you don’t have a bunch of older violations that appear unpaid, since most of the payment tracking would then be done in Banner and not OPS-COM.

Some of your violations will likely require at different points or another to be either adjusted (fine amount reduced) or cancelled completely. The following process outlines how to do this so the counter balances will correctly be sent to your Banner system account for the adjustments.

If a system processed payment is already on the violation the edit button will be disabled (can’t be clicked):

In-order to edit the violation to add an adjustment and/or cancel it you want to go to the bottom of the violation edit page and select “Void and Edit” under the actions dropdown:

Once Void and Edit has been selected you will be redirected to the violation edit page with confirmation of the payment being voided, additionally you will have an option appear to show the appeals form:

Once you click to show the appeals form you will be presented with a few fields/options. You can fill in whatever fields and comments/reasons you wish to put in. The most important related to Banner and this documentation being the Fine Action and value fields, since this will affect what is exported out of OPS-COM to your Banner system. In the below example we are reducing the violation by $10:

Once you select the above values for appeal and then click the “Update this Violation” button along the bottom of the page the resulting adjustment (reducing and/or cancelling the violation) will be added into your Banner SFTP export file so that your Banner system receives the adjustment. There is also a Banner report.