Transact Campus/CashNet Hosted Payment Setup

OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) supports CashNet as a compatible hosted payment provider. The following steps will detail how to configure your CashNet store to work with OperationsCommander (OPS-COM).

Setting up the Payment Page

Details you will have to provide to OPS-COM support




The merchant code we will be submitting items against. This is the Merchant Code on the clients system. 


They need to set up an item and give us the code. The item will need to be allowed to change the value. See below for the screen. These codes need to match exactly what the client has configured or the transactions will fail.

Payment Page

Details OPS-COM will give to clients

Found in Store Settings



Signout & Complete payment 

Signout & INcomplete

Pass information to calling system

Append Data using GET

Found in Notifications



Successful & Failed Transactions

Select format for HTTP content

Name Value Format (POST)

Store Settings

Under Store Settings you will nbeed to configure the following settings based on the URLs supplied by OPS-COM.

Configure CashNet "HTTP Notifications" Section

Go to the "HTTP Notifications" configuration with CashNet:

HTTP Notifications
If you would like HTTP notifications, enter the URL next to each category. If you leave the field blank you will not receive notifications for that category.
New outbound connections from will not work until they are allowed through the CASHNet firewall.
Please contact CASHNet Client Support if you need to enable a new connection.

Setting Itemcodes

On the itemcode itself, we need this set the following: