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titleWhen do we use this?

This article describes how to set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) subscription on a user's profile.EFT is used as a recurring payment method when paying for permits through the rollover process only. EFT cannot be used to pay for any other items. 

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You cannot accept EFT payments if you have not configured OPS-COM for this option. See this article for more information.

Setup Payment Type

Search for the user and go to their Profile. Click Profile, Manage Payment Methods.

Click Select Payment Type and click Electronic Funds Transfer from the drop down menu.

An information form will appear allowing you to record the user banking details. Fill out the following fields from the user's void cheque:

  • Label for this payment method (Typically the bank name and an indication as to what type of account you wish to use. ie: Bank of Montreal Tomahawk - Savings)
  • Transit/Branch Number
  • Bank Number
  • Account Number

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Click Add Bank Information to save this Payment Method.

A message is displayed that the payment method was added and it appears on the right hand-side.
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Add to Subscription

Click on Profile,


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Click the Payment Method dropdown menu and choose Electronic Funds Transfer.
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Click the Method Details dropdown menu and choose Bank of MontrealTomahawk.  Click the Update Subscriptions button.

This user is now configured for EFT payments for permit rollovers.

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Support Agent Notes

INTERNAL NOTE - There are no PCI laws governing the use of EFT. This is because it is not a Payment Card method of payment.  However, when designing this, we do not store this information in plain text and we obscure part of the account number and the transit number. The Branch number is public knowledge and is not obscured. 02/09/18 - SJ

EFT Setup by Tomahawk

The payment type requires the following fields to have these values:

Gateway = ProcessPending

promptFor = ElectronicFundsTransfer

rollover_processing = 1

Also, setup their banking information in the System settings


A billing manager is required for the EFT export to work properly. Otherwise the payment will be missing when trying to process the items for companies