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Users can manage multiple credit cards on their accounts through OPS-COM portal. Only one card may be set as primary. Admins can also add credit card details to a user profile. This card can be the selected payment type for recurring permits and can be auto-charged when permits are rolled over to the next Allocation period. This article will demonstrate how to work with credit cards on user profiles.

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To use this card to pay for recurring permits, the user must have purchased his previous permit through the same payment type so that the system would have a record of the payment type used. For more information on using credit cards to pay for permits that have been rolled over click here.

To do this the admin user must have the Manage User Credit Cards permission turned on. 

Managing Credit Cards

Search for the user that you want to manage a credit card for and select the user to get to their profile

Hover over the Profile menu and click Credit Cards.

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The Credit Card utility will display. The admin can fill out the card information on the right, and click Add Credit Card to register the credit card in the system.


Designate the credit card as the default or Prime Card to allow the rollover process to automatically use this card for recurring permit payments. 


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  • To do this the admin user must have the Manage User Credit Cards permission turned on

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