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If an individual does not want to create an account or enter personal information when paying a violation they have the ability through Guest Payments to OPS-COM Quick Pay to pay for a ticket without having an account.

Go to the User Portal login page and click Lookup your Ticket.

Enter the ticket number including the Security PIN number in the appeals field (TT-10133-3K). The PIN number is the last 2 digits. This is part of the ticket security measures.

Click Search. The Violation Ticket Login screen appears.

Click anonymous payment Guest Payment to display the Payment window.

Select the Payment Option and enter your email address. Click Submit Payment.

The user will be able to enter their information based on the payment method chosen, in this case a Hosted Payment method is used to make the payment.

Enter your card and billing information and click Pay Now. The system displays the payment confirmation screen.

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Support Agent Notes

To ensure this is enabled for a client you must do the following: 

  • In System Settings under Violations, turn on the "Include Random PIN on  handheld Tickets"
  • In System Settings under Violations, turn on the "Enable Anonymous payments for violations"
  • Check what payment types the client would like to use for anonymous payments. 
  • Have development update the paymentTypes table to have anonymous turned on and promptfor = anonymous. Before escalating this issue to development, ensure that their system is not already set up properly to allow the requested payment types to be used.