What Does Purge Old Data Do?

When do we use this?

Purge Old Data is used to remove records from the system that have not had an activity associated with them in the last seven years. This does not happen automatically. You must click on the option to 'Purge Old Data'


Under the Admin Options menu, click on "Purge Old Data".

When you click on 'Purge Old Data', a progress bar will appear indicating the number of records to be purged as it finds them.

A list is formulated of any user activity, and any associated record updates that have occurred in the last seven years. 

To complete the process, click on Purge these records.

A record can remain dormant for 6 years and a small update will restart the 7-year clock.
The activity list is used to determine what to exclude from a purge. The script then purges any data that is not on the activity list.

What gets purged?

The following will get purged if there has been no activity in the last 7 years:

  • User profiles
  • Vehicles
  • Violations
  • Permits
  • Appeals
  • Temp Permits
  • Payments
  • Lockers
  • Access Cards
  • Gate Events
  • Refunds
  • Waitlist Records
  • User History


The following will NOT get purged regardless of the last updated date:

  • Incident Users
  • Contact History

Why Seven Years?

Typically there are legal ramifications to records keeping. For business records, it is a common practice to hold records for 7 years before scheduling them for disposition.