Midnight List (Lockers)

When do we use this?

The Midnight List is a list of lockers due to be cleared out of the system at midnight. These lockers will automatically be released from users that do not have promises for payment (e.g. the locker was reserved but the user did not specify how they were going to pay). These lockers will be available for purchase again the next day.

1. Hover over the Lockers icon and click 'Midnight List.'  

2. The search results are displayed below.

The Username link will allow administrators to view/edit the user profile.

The Locker Number link will allow administrators to view/edit details about that locker.

3. If there are records showing that you do not want to be removed from the system at midnight, disable the checkbox under 'Release at Midnight' and click the 'Update Selection to be Cleared' button.