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This article walks admins through how they can manage files that have been uploaded by users through the admin side. This article will show you how files can be viewed and deleted. Only users can upload files, so admins will need to login to the users account if they wish to upload files, see the following article for more information:

Table of Contents

Where to Manage Uploaded Files

Admins can view files uploaded by specific users by going into their profiles from the admin-side and looking for the Uploaded Files section of the users dashboard. Only users can upload files, so admins will need to login as the user and follow the instructions on Uploading Files from the User-side to do this. 

Keep in mind that only the first 5 uploaded images will display in this area, and if you wanted to view more uploads you would need to select the Manage button. 

Viewing Files 

Admins may view the uploaded files by selecting the file name, or by clicking the Manage button from the users dashboard. This will take you to the Uploaded Files the user has submitted. 

Deleting Files

Once you are managing the files that have been uploaded by a specific user, you can choose to remove that file by clicking the Delete button. This will bring up a confirmation dialog for you to select before confirming that the file will be deleted.

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Support Agent Notes

Support Agent Notes
  • Admins will only see the first 5 images uploaded from the users dashboard. 
  • Currently, only the admins can delete and view uploaded files. 
  • Admins will have to login as a user if they wish to upload a file to their account. 
  • Currently, there is no history on file uploads, but this could change if we implement this. 
  • Ensure that file extensions do not contain two periods such as (..jpg, ..png, ..pdf, etc.). If the file contains an extension like this it is likely to crash the system.