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The Merge Users option is used to combine two profiles for the same person into one user profile.

User merge will delete the user record you are merging from so be careful how you use this tool. 

Why would you use this function?

  • Person created profile in error
  • Person gets married and changes their name.
  • Users Profile does not match Admin created profile.

Table of Contents

Merging Users


A user account must be enabled and contain a user type to perform a merge. If the user is not showing on the merge report please go to that users profile and make sure they are enabled and have their user type selected. 

To merge two or more users, hover over the User Management icon and click Merge Users.

Enter in a valid piece of identification information to search for the users in both fields.

Select the users on the left-hand side that you wish to merge into a single user account on the right-hand side. 

Click the Merge button to complete the merge process.


A confirmation page will appear confirming the merge to the username selected. Click Merge to complete the process.

The screen will refresh to the main screen and a further confirmation of the merged user will appear at the bottom of the page.

What is merged and what is NOT?

When a merge is performed the important thing to understand is that the user you are merging TO should be the one with the most up to date or accurate information.
The tool uses a two-column window to facilitate this process.
The TO user will be in the right column. The information for the TO user will take precedence over the FROM user. The FROM user will appear in the left column.

Where information exists in the MERGE TO user it will remain in the profile post-merge.
If there are fields that have no information in the MERGE TO profile yet something exists in the FROM user, the merge will bring this information into the resulting single user profile

The merged items include 

  • Vehicles 
  • Violations
  • Permits
  • Lockers
  • Items awaiting Payment

IMPORTANT: The user selected in the left column will be archived. The user in the right column will remain in the database.

Finding User Merge Records

Once you have performed a user merge you should be able to see the merge record by going to the users profile that you merged to. On the Completed History for that user you will see this:

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Support Agent Notes


This document describes information on reversing an accidental merge form an admin. 

How This is Possible?

As this action requires a database restore and then a cherry-pick of the details to revert the incorrect merge, the data should be confirmed to ensure that the data is correct and as expected.

Essentially the user record was overwritten with the user details of the "merged" user.  This keeps all the links, and updates the user details to match the details that you are expecting.  Again, because this is not a full data restore and is instead a restore of selected elements please take a minute to ensure that the record now appears as you expect.

What gets Removed?

When a merge is completed, most profile details are removed from the current data's state. However, as mentioned above this can be recovered.

What Gets Merged?

The merged items include 

  • Vehicles 
  • Violations
  • Permits
  • Lockers
  • Items awaiting Payment

 Jaysmith now has the following items that should follow him during a merge

  • Violation [TT-10021]
  • Permit [53]
  • Locker [12]
  • Plate [JAYSMITH]
  • Items awaiting payment [Access Card & Deposit]