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The Email Users functionality allows administrators to email users with notices or important information.  There are a variety of presets that allow you to chose your recipients.

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Locate the Bulk Email Presets

Hover over User Management and click Email Users. Select the group you want to email or click More to access additional preset options. 

The Email Message Menu displays. In this interface you can choose the conditions or filters that you wish to apply to the recipents.
For example if I simply select User Type Group of Staff then all staff members will get the resulting email.
If I were to select a User Type Group of Staff, as well as Has Violations, as well as Company Staff Lot, then the email group would be a smaller subsection with Staff Members that also Has Violations and park in the Company Staff Lot and so on.

Sending an Email

After you have chosen your preset recipient list, the Compose Email Message screen will display. In our example we have set the criteria such that we have 26 recipents.

Click the View Email Recipient List button to confirm you are sending the email to the appropriate users. 

Type a Subject and a Message. You can also add attachments by clicking the Choose File button. When you have finished composing your email, click the Send Email Message button.

A dialog box will open asking you to confirm you are sending the email. Click Yes.

The message Mail message has been queued for delivery will display.


You can also export the Consented Report. This allows you to see all users that have given you consent to contact them by email.

Emailing an Individual User

Follow the steps in this wiki article to search for the user and send an individual email. User Search

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Support Agent Notes
  • Emails sent with attachments will not be seen in MailTrap unless you forward the email to a live account. 
  • When you want to email users that dont yet have a permit on the waitlist you must use the - All - option. The lot selection is mainly for permits and users that have been given permits either normally or from the waitlist.