API Error Codes

API error codes indicate a failure while communicating with the OPS-COM API.

Example Error

Content-Type: application/json

    "ErrorCode": 9001,
    "ErrorMessage": "API Token is missing from the request."

Error Codes

Error CodeError Message
9000Client Code is missing from the request.
9001API Token is missing from the request.
9002The supplied API token does not have permission to perform that request.
9003Could not parse the request.
9004End Time is a required field.
9005The end time value is invalid.
9006Plate is a required field.

The start time value is invalid.

9008Reference ID is required. On a new permit push, a reference id is returned. This is required for updates and deletes.
9009Record not found. 
9010The Plate Type is required.
9011The province or state is required.
9012The vehicle is already in the database. 
9013A unique id is required.
9014The login source is required.
9015The login source is invalid.
9016The user e-mail is required.
9017The user's first name is required.
9018The user's last name is required.
9019The user's email address must be unique.
9020The user's username must be unique.
9021The vehicle's plate length exceeds 50 characters.
9022A record already exists with the supplied details.
9030The field's maximum number of characters was exceeded.
9031The field is required.
9032The field has a minimum number of characters.
9033The field's value is invalid.