Related Occurrences

When Do You Use This

It is possible to relate or link multiple incidents to other incidents in the system. For example: if incidents seem to be perpetrated by the same individual, you may want to connect the two incidents. The process is outlined below.

  1. Click the 'Incidents Menu' select 'Search Incidents'.
  2. In the Occurrence# field enter the Incident Number you wish to relate to another.
  3. The Incident Information screen displays. Note: the tabs along the top of the form, they provide a quick summary of information. 
    Under the 'Related' tab we currently see the numeral 0 indicating that there are no incidents related at this time. When you select the Related tab, the button to Track Related Occurences will appear.

  4. Click the 'Track Related Occurrences' button to display the 'Track Related Occurrences' screen. The buttons across the top allow different options to search for. The 'Add Related Occurrences' form is now available, by selecting New Related List.

  5. The first step is to Name and Create the list. In our example, we are naming the list "Suspicious Activity March 20". In the notes field, you can add a description of what the purpose of the list is. Click 'Save' to save the list name and information. The screen will refresh with a Search box now showing at the bottom.
  6. Enter the Current Incident Number you are working with. For this example we are using16-0004. Click 'Search.'
  7. Click 'Add' to add this incident to the list entitled 'Suspicious Activity March 20th'.

  8. Repeat the search process by entering the Incident number you would like to relate to the first incident.
    For example, Incident 16-0004 as 16-0006 and click 'Search'. Add this incident to the list. The resulting screen will look like this: Note both 16-0004 and 16-0005 are listed.
  9. To see the result of this process, search once again for the original Incident 16-0004 from the Search Incidents menu. Note the change in the Related Tab now indicates 1 related occurrence. 
  10. Click on Related to see the Related Incident Information. Note: the related incident is now listed. This information will show up on the incident information for both incidents in question.