Dispatch Logs

When do we use this?

Dispatch Logs allows administrators/dispatchers to record and track all inquiries that come into the office through alerts or another system. These dispatch logs can be linked to incidents for further tracking if the alert that triggered the dispatch log did not already have a valid incident attached. The Dispatch Log also provides administrators with a summary of all open dispatch entries. Some systems such as Cisco Prime or ITS-NetworkingAlerts can push the incident number with an alert that creates a dispatch log with the associated incident assuming it exists. 

Reviewing Dispatch Logs

Hover over the Incidents icon, Dispatch, and select Dispatch Logs.

This will bring up the View/Edit Dispatch Log Records page. Here administrators/dispatchers can view all open logs that still need to be followed-up on.

Printing a Dispatch Log

To print the currently selected dispatch logs, select the appropriate source in the list of current dispatch logs followed by Print Selected to get a printed list of these logs. 

Creating new Dispatch Log Records

To create a new log record select one of the options from the Create New Log Record

Once the source contact for the new log has been selected, this will bring up the Add New Log Record screen.

Select the appropriate Category from the drop-down menu and type in any details that need to go with the log in the Note section. Select the Add New button at the bottom of the screen to save the information. Once the information has been saved, the log will show at the top of the listing of Dispatch Log Records.

Adding Additional Log Notes

If dispatchers want to add a separate log that is attached to the first log, select the Add link in the Add column. This will bring up an Add Log Note screen where dispatchers can include the source of the information, the category and any notes that need to be included. To save the log select the Add button at the bottom. To save the log and to also close the log, if it is completed, select the Add & Close button at the bottom.

If dispatchers want to assign an admin user to act on the log or if they want to attach an incident report, select the Assign link at the far right of the log. When an assignment is made, the incident number will appear in the listing of Dispatch Log Records. This link can be selected to gain access to view/edit the incident report. 

Viewing Additional Notes / Rolled-Up Alerts

We can view all of the available log records associated with the dispatch log In the View/Edit Dispatch Log Records, by selecting the + symbol to the left of the log.

Dispatchers can add additional information to the initial log by selecting the link for the dispatch number. To close a log once it has been dealt with, select the "C" in the Status column to change the status to closed.

Bulk Closing of Dispatch Logs

It is aslo possible to close multiple Dispatch Logs in bulk. Select the logs you wish to close by selecting the checkbox associated with the log in question. Once you have selected all the log records you wish to close, click on Close Selected.