Incident Entry

When do we use this?

Incident Entry allows administrators to complete an incident report identifying the details of the particular incident and the specifics about the individuals involved.

1. Hover over the Incidents icon and select Incident Entry.

2. This will take you to the Opened Incidents page. Here you can select the link for a particular Incident Number to view the details of that particular incident or you can select the Create a New Incident button.


3. When you select the link to Enter New Incidents, this will take you to STEP 1: Finding individuals and vehicles related to an incident. Select the appropriate link to search by Users, Vehicles or Missing Property.

If the incident is not associated with a particular user, vehicle or missing property, select the "Enter Specific Incident Details" button.

4. Once you find the user that you are looking for, select the "Add User to Incident" button at the bottom right.

If there is no user found with the information you are searching, you can select the "Add a New Individual to the Database" button at the very bottom, in the center.

This will take you to the STEP 1: Quick Registration Form where you can enter all the details that you have on the individual. 

5. Once the user is selected or added you will be taken to a page where you can identify specifics about the individuals involved in the incident. Fill in all the details that you have. You must fill in the Relation field which identifies person's relationship to the incident (e.g. victim, witness, prime suspect, etc.)

Select the "Save User Details" button to save the details. Select the "Search for Additional Individuals" button to add other individuals involved in the incident. You can also add vehicle details and property details by selecting the appropriate link.

You can also select the "Enter Specific Incident Details" button at the bottom right if there are no other details to add related to people, vehicles, and property.

Sample Vehicle Search

Sample Missing Property Search

6. Once you select the "Enter Specific Incident Details" button you will be taken to STEP 2: Entering Incident Information.

A summary of the people involved, vehicles involved and/or the missing property involved will appear at the top of the page. Next, you will find the Incident Information section where you will fill in all information that you have on the incident. (OPS Number is an abbreviation for Other Police Services Number used for tracking the incident. PON Summons is an abbreviation for Provincial Offences Notice Summons.)

To attach images, select the "Choose File" button beside the line for Attach Image, find and select the file that you want to attach and select the "Open" button. This will upload the file and attach it to the incident.

When all information is submitted in the Incident Information section, select "Save Incident" at the bottom of the page. 

7. Once the incident has been saved you will be taken to the "Incidents - Last 30 Days" summary screen. If you need to edit any details, select the "View Incident" link to the right of the incident that you want to reopen.