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Users can recover a forgotten password by following the instructions in this article. If you are having troubles please contact your parking service admins. 

Table of Contents

Recover a Lost Password

On the login screen, click the Forgotten Forgot your username or password link.

The Lost or Forgotten Password dialog box will display. Enter your email address in the empty field text box and click Submit. Please ensure that the email address is the one that was used to create your account and that you are able to receive emails from it. Depending on your email provider/client, you may have to check your Spam or Junk folders if you have not received the email in your main Inbox.

After clicking Submit you Send Reminder you will see the following message within the same dialog box. 

You will receive an email with a link to reset your password that will direct you to the Update Password screen. Enter your new password into the empty fields below and click Reset Password.


Once you have reset your password the following message will be displayed. Click the link to return to the main page.


You will be required to login again with your new password.

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Support Agent Notes
  • If the user does not receive an email make sure they have checked their spam and junk folders. 
  • If the user needs help resetting their password they should contact their parking services for help. Tomahawk admins shouldn't be resetting user or admin passwords. This is to ensure users and admins aren't given more access than allowed.
  • If the users/admins are seeing a communication error on the forgotten password form, be sure that you are checking the Reply-to Admin Email Address that is found under Classic System Settings to make sure this field isn't blank. This is a field that should be set up at some point before the clients systems go live.