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Here are some of our customer support frequently asked questions.  We have many support channels available to our clients and are continuing to develop way to offer the best support in the business.  If you have any comments or questions, we'd love to hear them.

Table of Contents

How do I launch a support ticket?

The best way to launch a support ticket is to email This email is monitored Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. For information about creating an online support ticket, refer to this wiki article. 

What after-hours support do you provide?

After hours support is limited to critical issues. Critical is defined as system outages or issues that threaten immediate work stoppage. This support is provided by email and is staffed by on-call personnel. Issues will be triaged within 15 minutes and a status notification will be sent to you within 1 hour for Critical issues. This notification will include an estimated time to resolution. The goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal impact on your organization.

For information on launching a Critical Ticket refer to this wiki article.

How are upgrades delivered?

Upgrades, Hotfixes and new Releases will be assessed by our Project Management Team and rolled out to clients to ensure minimal impact. In most cases, rollouts will be transparent to clients. Release notes are always available on the Upcoming Release page.  Typically OPS-COM provides a monthly release of fixes and features. The Upcoming Release page is updated as items are added. We only do rollouts on certain days to ensure that we have a maximum coverage available to support users if issues arise. In the case of a large feature release, we may decide to stage this release to our clients and work directly with them to bring them up quickly and efficiently.

What provisions do you have for training?

New customers get one-on-one system training as per their contract. Extra training hours can be negotiated with your Sales Rep. 

The wiki has a full compliment of articles, FAQs and videos to help you going forward.  The self-guided training agenda is also helpful for learning the system and each client gets a preview environment to use for testing and training. The preview spaces are secured in the same manner as our production/live systems, though they exist in a testing environment.

How is your support team structured?

The support team is staffed with front line and escalation agents. Front line support agents help all customers with support issues by email and Premium support customers by telephone. They also have the ability to do screen sharing if the issues requires it. Escalation points help push fixes through development and manage the customer experience as well as provide guidance to our front line agents.

Do you have online resources, self-help tools?

Yes, we have a public wiki available that contains articles, FAQs, videos and webinars. 

What hours is telephone support available?

Telephone Support is available to our Premium customers Mon-Fri 9-5 EST. Standard Plus support clients have email support only during the same hours.

How does your escalation process work? 

Issues are escalated when the front line staff has determined through working with the customer and testing that an item is a bug. The escalation manager will assess the bug's severity and the impact it is having on the client and enter the issue into JIRA. JIRA is the system we use to track development work. The issue will be linked through JIRA to the Help Desk conversation. The client will be advised on estimated time to resolution and the Development team will address the bug. Once addressed, it will be passed to the Quality Assurance team for testing. The client will be informed that the issue is addressed and available through the original Support ticket.  Please note, depending on the severity of the bug and the availability of a workaround, fix times can range from 1 day to many months.

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Support Agent Notes

If we link a sentry bug to the OPS-COM support ticket issues, then the client will see the comments we make in Sentry.

Please ensure that we never link a sentry issue directly to a client's ticket. But instead, launch it as a ticket and link it as a related task through JIRA.